I am back!

Wow, so sorry I had not posted in a year!  I am now back and serious about keeping current and up to date!

So in my last posting I spoke about the amazing show we were planning in the theater, we just recently had our second summer show with the students of “Theater in English”.  It was amazing, and this year I got to work with a small group to present “The Wizard of Oz” for the show at the end!

This summer I went about it very differently!  First of all I worked with a very small group age 6-10 years of age.  We worked for several months.  First I wrote an adaption of the “Wizard of Oz” by L.Frank Baum, I condensed it and made wrote it to be ESL friendly.  Our lessons took place once a week for two hours which consisted of reading my adapted version, slow enough to translate each sentence/ phrase, the children read it out loud.  Meanwhile they also had work, such as family vocabulary, direction, clothes, feelings etc.  Extending on elements presented in the story.

Then using the story and the English language as a vehicle, each child learned the process of taking a story from a book and making it into a show on stage.  The steps in writing a story, scenery design, measurement taking, and costume design were all included.  I presented them with a script written just for them by me.   We briefly worked on acting elements, such as becoming the character, stage presence, and blocking.  Then the show was presented in the town theater.

It was an amazing wonderful experience.  Elements of a story.. about lion scarecrow book emerald city

More to come….




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