Some Robot Fun!

First off, sorry I have been away so long, I am back!  The beautiful weather is finally here!


It is so beautiful outside, I began running again!  Here is my view on my way home, beautiful! I am so excited because the boys can play outside now!  The oldest is six, the youngest is two and a half.  Just like normal children, they have so much energy!

So, when they can play out in the open, it is alway good for them (and for me)!!  This weather also gives me so much energy!  I began making lesson plans of activities, games, etc..

I noticed that recently the boys are really interested in robots!  So we made some robot soldiers!  They are simple, fun, and quick to make!

Robot Soldiers

To avoid fighting, one troop is in red and the other in blue!

Are you ready to make some Robot Soldiers!


– Wine Corks

– Card board (I used the card board of the yogurt packs.)

– Clear Packaging Tape (Wide clear tape.)

– Glue

– Scissors

-Print out of Robots

Doing a random Robot Google search, I discovered this amazing blog:

To Do:

– Print out robots.  Instead of printing them in varying colors, you can print them out normally and have your little one’s color them!

– Glue the robots to the card board.

– Cut out the robots.

-Take a piece of tape long enough to overlap, this will allow for it to hold better.  Place the robot on the cork and attach!  The same is done for each one!

Now your little one’s are ready for some Robot Fun!!




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I am a Texas Gal who lives in the country-side of Italy.

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I am a Texas Gal who lives in the country-side of Italy.

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