The Four Seasons- Le Quattro Stagioni

Our walk to my son’s school in the morning is a pleasant ten minute walk!  On the way we love to look at the trees and the leaves that have fallen.  My five and a half-year old continues to ask me when summer arrives, or what season are we in.  I decided to have a day lesson of the Four Seasons!

Le Quattro Stagioni

We then spoke of the cycle of the seasons.  I first speak in English, then say the same thing in Italian.  My son is at school most of the day, so at this point when he learns something new, such as the seasons, he is more comfortable speaking about it in Italian.  When I speak to him about the same topic I speak to him in English first then reiterate it in Italian.

We then spoke of each of the seasons as in “The Seasons” PDF:

The Seasons

Identifying items in Italian and English.  We then drew the items or visuals and attached them on our board in the appropriate season!

Here is our board:

I made sure to also include my two year old!

Hope you have as much fun with the seasons as we did!!


Italian Anyone??

My mother and I were always active from Kindergarten to High School.  I always knew I would one day become a mother, and now I am a mother of two amazing boys.

But, I have been struggling to be active in my child’s school.  What’s the problem one may ask?  I live in the country-side of Italy.  My struggles only  begin with the language.

Arriving here only speaking english and spanish, and not knowing anyone only made me want to hide-out.  Now I have realized I need to be more open and and completely re-learn everything not only in a new language but also in a completely different society half-way around the world.

I have begun to quasi-home-school my boys.  I do not have an education background (my Master’s is in fine arts as a costume technologist)  so I have begun to study and learn on-line.  I love how much information is available on-line and most of the information is pretty budget friendly!

Did I mention that in our home we only speak English, or we try to, now that our oldest is almost six years old he uses a English-Italian slang.

My lesson plans began in English, then I realized they also needed to be in Italian.  In Italy most children attend an Asilo, which is almost like a pre-school at the age of three.  It really surprised me how easy it is for our boys to fluently speak both languages, sometimes it seems to be so much more difficult for me.  When my oldest began Asilo I was so worried for him, previous we had only spoken English at home, once he began going all day, he began speaking fluent Italian.

This past summer I decided to organize and run a first every “Camp” for the children of our town!  It was very enjoyable but very challenging for me.  Recently we tried to have our second annual Halloween party, I grew-up celebrating Halloween and even though it is not celebrated to extent I am use to, I want to make sure our boys grow up celebrating it! (Take a stroll through our town.)   Unfortunately because of weather, we had to reschedule and later cancel it this year.

In my posts I would like to share my experiences with others, I would also like to provide free worksheets, activities, etc.
Here’s the first of many!  Take a look!  Pumpkin/Zucca anyone?

Where the road leads you…

and where you arrive.

Thinking about my life, I had always felt to be a pretty adaptable person.  Almost six years ago I arrived in Italy without speaking a lick of Italian.

“I was born and raised in Texas”, (saying this with a Texas accent).

ImageI originally began writing of this adventure on another blog platform.  Now for several reasons I began writing it again, but here!

Take a look of my first post here.

This time I plan to use it more as a diary, provided information about activities, and even post PDF downloads!

For those loyal readers here I am now, for the new readers, welcome and enjoy!!

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